Thursday, June 11, 2009


I was really happy to learn that Lucia Silver, the book buyer for Portrait of a Bookstore in Studio City, California, said some really nice things about Tunneling to the Center of the Earth on NPR's Morning Edition today.  You can listen to the show and read about it here.  She called the stories "Like the pen-and-ink love children of Aimee Bender and Lorrie Moore, or George Saunders and Amy Hempel."  So, Ms. Silva, you move to the top of the "Who-Gets-One-of-Kevin's-Kidneys" list.


Molly Gaudry said...

This is great -- better yet, the lovechild of the Saunders/Bender/Hempel/Moore foursome! Um, go Saunders!

Apparently today is the day I leave stupid comments everywhere I go.

Anyway, congrats. Much deserved recognition.

gillian said...

I saw this very article on NPR yesterday, and TUNNELING stuck out to me immediately as the most fantastic and interesting. "Deeply human tales with a delicate touch of the absurd--" I mean, come on. Who wouldn't be pulled in immediately by that?

Although I rarely haphazardly buy books, I bought it last night. Since you happen to have a blog (which I just found a second ago but plan to read every post of) I would like to inform you, Mr. Wilson, that I'm in love. With your written style, that is.

Anyway--yes! Thanks for that! It's rare I can tell an author this.

Heather said...

I really enjoyed it, too...I bought a copy of the book on a whim after reading One Story's mention of it on their blog. It was a fantastic collection!

Jon Steinhagen said...

I am a resident playwright at Chicago Dramatists, and it was a blast to discover an author who does with fiction what I try to do with plays. In my opinion, this is the best collection of stories I've read in a long time. I've been touting it to everyone I know, as even theater folks put aside the scripts and read fiction every now and then.

Thanks for the gifts. Write more. Please.

_Annabelle said...

I'm just a stranger commenting on your blog, (as opposed to a supportive friend who always has lovely things to say).

I found your book on the new shelf at the library I work at in California, (East Bay!!! Beeeotches!), little more than half way through, and I've totally been thinking Aimee Bender as well.

The last time I thought Bender was when I discovered Etgar Keret.

Both you and he disappoint me as I'm practically through reading your currently published books and *sigh* must wait until you compile new collections.

Thanks for the good read.

K. Wilson said...

Hey, Molly, thanks for the congrats and that comment was awesome.

Hey, Gillian, thank you very much for reading the book, and it really made me happy.

Hey, Heather, I'm glad you liked the book. I believe I read a story of yours a few months ago that I really liked? Have we talked through the EWN?

Hey, Jon, thanks for those nice words and now I really want to read your work.

Dear, Annabelle, I really like Keret too, and Bender is one of my idols, so thanks for the comparisons.