Friday, July 17, 2009


My full-time job is serving as the secretary for the Sewanee Writers' Conference, an annual literary conference that brings together a lot of really incredible writers in fiction, poetry, and playwriting. This is the ninth year I've worked for the conference and it's fun though it's also a nightmare to plan. But I've met some really nice people because of Sewanee. I met my wife here when we were on staff together. And a lot of my best friends are on the summer staff, so it's always nice to see them. But sometimes I get yelled at by a conferee because there is no soap in their room and I feel like I want to punch my hand through a window.

If you're in the area, the readings are open to the public and there are some really great authors here. Josh Weil is reading tomorrow. So are Erica Dawson, Carrie Jerrell, and Juliana Gray, three amazing poets. And then Richard Bausch reads tomorrow night. Tony Earley and Randall Kenan, two of my favorite writers, read next week.

And if you ever come to a writers' conference, don't ask the staff to bring you a diet coke to your room every morning. We will mess you up in secret ways.


Molly Gaudry said...

Please please please, if even just in spirit, give my best to Erica, whose beer-and-breakfast company can never be replaced. Caki must be around somewhere, too. And Michael. God I miss people who read.

K. Wilson said...

Hey Molly,

Michael just left to head back to Cincy, but Nicola and Bix were here for a little while, so that was fun. And I'll tell Erica and Caki that you said hi. And Peter Grimes is here, though I'm not sure if you know him but he's a cincy person too.

Molly Gaudry said...

Peter! He and I did a joint independent study together (ecocriticism). We weren't allowed to include Brautigan on our reading list. (And he was also in the latest Waccamaw!) Oh my goodness, Bix must be walking and talking by now, which is so strange to think; last time I saw her she was in a stroller, wearing a cute little bonnet. Cincinnati is representing hard down South.


Clifford Garstang said...

Let the record show that I never asked you to bring a diet coke to my room! Okay, maybe once. But I'm sure I had my reasons.

Wishing I were there. I heard you were swarmed with autograph seekers at the bookstore party yesterday . . .

Anonymous said...

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