Thursday, June 4, 2009

Avatar Review and ML Press

I've got a story in Avatar Review, which I'm really happy about.  There's also a story by Charles Lennox, which allows me to segue into another topic regarding J.A. Tyler's very fantastic ml press.

For the month of June, J.A. is offering a free copy of "A Field of Colors" by Charles Lennox if you will email your mailing address to him.  Go here for the full details.  MLP does great work and I always look forward to getting the three chapbooks in the mail each week.  I find the ratio is that I love two of them and I have no idea what the hell is going on the third one, but I enjoy trying to figure it out.


Mike C. said...

Do you make a distinction between stories you submit to online journals and stories you submit to print journals? Just curious about your process.


K. Wilson said...

I just try to find a journal, online or print, that seems like they might like a particular story. However, the shorter stuff that I write, 1,500 words or less, I almost always send to online journals, because that seems to be length that works better online than in print (in terms of editors looking for that length).