Thursday, May 21, 2009

Leigh Anne Couch at 21c

My wife, Leigh Anne Couch, will be reading on Monday in Louisville as part of the 21c Monthly Poetry Series with Sarabande Books.  She's going to be reading with Young Smith at the 21c Musuem at 7:30 pm.

Here is one of Leigh Anne's poems, "I am not a man; I am dynamite" which was included in the 2008 Best of the Web anthology.  She is the author of Houses Fly Away, which was the co-winner of the Zone 3 Press First Book Award, and a chapbook, Green and Helpless, from Finishing Line Press.  She is awesome.


Anonymous said...

Hi - Did the reading go well? I enjoyed the poem. . . and am enjoying reading 'tunneling to the center of the earth.' My dear friend Gene Gort was at the MacDowell with you and recommended your book to me. Grand Stand-In was a real neat premise, Blowing up on the Spot very touching and The Dead Sister Handbook. . . I'm still reading.

Savoring every word.

K. Wilson said...

Dear Koe,

Thanks for the comment. The reading was a lot of fun. There was also a band that opened, Aquaventure, some very talented teenagers who brought a bunch of hip kids along with them to the reading, so that was good.

I remember Gene and especially a video he made of him trying to do a handstand, over and over, falling everytime in a painful way. It was presented in slow motion and was so damn hypnotic.

I'm glad you're enjoying the book.


Anonymous said...

That's great that the reading went so well.

I've finished Tunneling and am looking forward to the next collection - and the one after that too. I like the story of how you came to writing.

(gene's videos are always kind of risky and humorous and thought provoking - I'm glad you liked his work.)