Thursday, May 14, 2009

Recommended Reading

Ravi Mangla, a writer who publishes a ton and, even more jealousy-inducing, makes every story really awesome, has started a new blog called Recommended Reading, which will build up a database of recommended reading lists.  It's a great idea and a lot of fun.  
I have the first entry, a list of incredible stories that feature historical figures.  I cheated a little on one of the stories because the Harlan Ellison story only has Christopher Columbus in a small portion of the story but it's so bizarre and wonderful that I had to include it.  Plus, his name is in the title so I figured it was okay.  There's also an interview with questions about stories and books that I like.
Thanks, Ravi, for including me in this project.


Anonymous said...

did you read the chris adrian story in last year (involving an, ahem, hand injury)? one of my favorite things he's written. he's so damn good.

Anonymous said...

and, yeah, Ravi is awesome. his story in LITnIMAGE is one my favorites.

K. Wilson said...

Hey David,

I love that Adrian story. It's in the collection, A Better Angel. He is just amazing and I think you'd love the book.

And, also, I love Ravi's story in LITnImage. I think it was a comment you made on Ravi's site that made me go check it out, because I had missed it.

K. Wilson said...

Okay, no that was the Moat story that I read because you mentioned it. I'm going to read the LitnImage story now.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kevin, oh man the Moat story is INSANE! Ravi posted that on Fictionaut a while back and people went nuts. The Dick Butkus line got me. So many things Ravi publishes just make me feel exhilarated/depressed (about what writing can be/about what I write). Curious what you thought of his LITnIMAGE story...

There are so many books I need/want to buy but I'm going to start with that Chris Adrian collection. That story in Esquire has stayed with me for a long time. Just so perfect and brutal.

Cheers...Kevin. Oh and I posted something on HTML G about your Juked (Wigleaf 50) story but gotta say that is one of the best things I've read in a long time. The line about editing his life really got me. Just so damn right.