Wednesday, October 28, 2009

American Vampire

I promised myself that I wouldn't write another post about comic books after I made a pathetic request for a comic-book-pal and netted not a single response. My wife said that it was brutal to read the post and she felt very bad for me.
However, I wanted to mention that an amazing fiction writer, Scott Snyder, has landed a ongoing series with Vertigo called American Vampire. Snyder wrote the really, really awesome story collection Voodoo Heart and when I started my subscription to One Story back in 2002, the first story I got was Snyder's story "Happy Fish, Plus Coin" which is still one of my favorite stories from that journal.
Snyder wrote a Human Torch one-shot for Marvel, and is doing some work on an X-Men series, but this American Vampire series is going to be a huge deal. Stephen King is co-writing the first five issues. So, yes, this is going to be big.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kevin - thanks so much for the kind words. It's a real honor getting a shout out from you - Tunneling to the Center of the Earth is hands down one of my very favorite collections of the past couple years. I use your stories in my class!

scott.snyder said...

Woops. That was me, Scott Snyder :)

LAG said...

Your wife sounds like my girlfriend. I remember that post, and I was really excited that a writer of your caliber admitted to reading comics. I never responded, though, because I feel insecure in my comic book knowledge. I can't afford to follow any titles month-to-month on my lowly GTA stipend, so I'm too out of the loop to hold my own in comic shop talk.

Also, my taste in comics is totally random and dorky. (I collect old issues of Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen and Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane.)

But, please, don't shy away from the comic book posts!

TN-Tanuki said...

Hi Kevin,

Didn't know if you were aware of this but Snyder also has a story, ("The Thirteenth Egg") in the odd superhero antho "Who Can Save Us Now?" from last year. It's edited by Owen King (Steve King's other son)and John McNally and also features a neato story by my fave George Singleton.

And I agree with LAG, don't stop the comics posts! I've read my share of superhero comics, but really fell in love with the medium through Watchmen and Sandman--long before Time said it was cool! My favorite superhero has to be Green Lantern, but as a kid, I wanted to be Spider-Man when I grew up.

Take care and keep up the excellent work!

Yr Pal,

K. Wilson said...

Hey Scott,
Thanks for the nice words about the collection and congrats about all this great news.

Hey LAG,
My wife wasn't unhappy that I wrote about my wanting a comic-book friend, she was embarrassed that no one responded. She actually reads four or five monthly comics, including some that I don't read. But still, she can't get over the jack kirby/ugly women problem. I love the Jimmy Olsen stuff. Thanks for the comment and I understand about how the expense of comics makes it hard to keep up. Marvel just increased the price of some of their titles and that's going to keep me from reading them. Oh well.

Hey Bill,
I love The Thirteenth Egg story, which really felt like a genuine comic book story made into a short story, which I imagine is really difficult to do. It was great to see you in Nashville.

Steve said...

I've always kind of liked comics but steered clear because of all the stigma. I did recently buy a two parter called The Horrorist that I enjoyed.

As I get older and care less about what people think I find my interests are pretty broad.

I'm with everyone else.

Comics lay somewhere between serials and graphic novels... How can you go wrong with that?

Steve Denton
The Act of Becoming