Friday, August 12, 2011

Book Tour (Birmingham)

The day after my reading in Atlanta, I headed out to Birmingham and got there very, very early. I had time to kill before heading over to Alabama Booksmith, so I went to Demetri's BBQ, which I had heard good things about. Demetri's was a pleasant kind of barbecue restaurant where the building looks old and lived-in but it's populated by mostly men wearing dress shirts and ties. I enjoyed the experience because the barbecue was unlike anything I've eaten before. The pork barbecue was served sliced, with a red, tomato-based sauce with Greek spices. It was more like eating a really good pork loin than barbecue (I got very little smoke taste from it). After that, I still had time left over so I drove thirty minutes to get some bubble tea at a shopping mall. I walked around the entire mall before I was informed that the bubble tea stand was gone now. I drove thirty minutes back to Alabama Booksmith.
The reading was a blast. Jake, the owner, was incredibly kind and really enthusiastic about the book. A good group of people came. I got to see my friend, the poet Adam Vines. We had just spent the last two weeks on staff at the Sewanee Writers' Conference, so I was touched that he came to the reading. Also, one of my favorite writer friends, Kerry Madden, who really encouraged me to keep writing when I was just out of college, came to the reading with her awesome and talented daughter Norah, who I last saw when she was a toddler. The reading was fun, I sold a lot of copies, and totally enjoyed meeting all the nice people in Birmingham.
After this, I start the portion of the book tour where my dad will join me. We start in Memphis, then go through Mississippi.


Kim said...

Any Nashville stops? How about a personal reading at Lenora's:)

l. said...

will you be coming to san francisco at all?

wheatgerm said...

keep it up with the book

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Tracy Michelle Hall said...

I am tuning in late as usual. When you posted this blog on August 12 2011 I was lounging by a lazy pool river at a tacky casino in Lake Charles, LA. Flash forward to May 2012 and I just found you and your book. I hope to hear you read one day soon.

A New Kind of Literary Critic... said...

Interesting blog! I received your pep talk letter through the NaNoWriMo contest email. It is my first year doing the contest, and I was wondering what your advice might be for a newbie writer.
Joy Johnson

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