Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Annie and Buster Fang


Christian said...

I can hardly wait to read The Family Fang, Kevin. I wish it were out now.

Also: love the artwork. Who is this artist? At first I thought Jen Corace, but I don't think it is her, is it?

Christian said...

Of course, you also say this is a teaser, pressure to spill all the goods at once. But consider me teased! And I'll keep my ears perked for more teasing.

At least you are not teasing me for the way I skipped rope in my highwater pants. (Grade school was hard on me).

K. Wilson said...

Thanks, Christian. The artist is Julie Morstad, an artist I really love.

I skipped rope as a child too. All the time. I won 1st place every year at Field Day; it was years later that I realized that no other boys were interested in competing. Skipping rope in highwater pants, however, is not going to give you a performance edge. I wore Versa Dazzle Shorts with a drawstring. They were perfect.

Molly Gaudry said...

Love love love, Kevin. :)

Jessica said...

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