Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A couple things

A story from Tunneling to the Center of the Earth, "The Museum of Whatnot," is now up at Fifty-Two Stories.  Thanks to Cal Morgan for putting it online.  There are some really wonderful stories at the site, which seeks to publish a new story each week for 2009, including work by Blake Butler, Mary Gaitskill, and Casey Kait.

Also, though I forgot to mention this a couple weeks ago, John Madera put up an amazing list of noteworthy novellas at his blog.  He asked me for my top ten, which can be found here.  Looking at the other lists, I found some novellas that I would have included had I remembered them, but, actually, I don't know what I'd take out from my list, so it worked out best this way.  

Publishers Weekly picked Tunneling to the Center of the Earth as one of fifteen "Favorite Reads of the Summer" which was very nice of them. 

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Betsy said...

Finally reading your book and really enjoying it. It's hard to pick a favorite story so far. But I'm going to be sending you something to read, because "Grand Stand-In" made me think of a story by Chilean exile author Juan Armando Epple (called "Garage Sale"). I think you'll find it interesting.