Monday, March 30, 2009

Miley and Me

So, my cousin, Quinn, just wrote me to let me know that I'll be reading on the same day as a celebrity when I'm at the Davis-Kidd in Nashville on April 9th.  Miley Cyrus is signing copies of her new book at 3:15 PM and then I read at 7:00 PM, if there hasn't been some kind of horrible stampede accident that closes down the store.  I'm really, really wishing that we could have done an event together.


J Quizzle said...

Has anyone E-mailed Miley to let her know that she's the opening act for Kevin Wilson?

Anonymous said...

I hear Miley's acting very divaesque these days. What a shame. Otherwise I'd call her agent and work something out for you.

Alex said...

Actually, Miley was looking over your shoulder during the reading...her book was perched on a shelf right behind you. She really liked the egg story -- she was cracking up the whole time.