Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hills Like White Elephants: Matthew Derby

"In Make Dead mode, the frequency is so low that you can no longer hear the Gun as it fires--only the sound the enemy soldiers make as they sail through the air, limbs flapping like dense cloth."
from "The Sound Gun" by Matthew Derby


hobart said...

I love this story with a passion that might actually be too great.

K. Wilson said...

Aaron, me too. I teach this every semester and I want so badly for the kids to love it. They usually don't but then I spend ten to fifteen minutes reading parts of it aloud and they start to come around. One kid ended up buying Super Flat Times and I wanted to give him an "A" just for that.

Dan Wickett said...

Many thanks to Aaron for pointing this story out to me. I'd bought the collection at a Bargain Books store well before he showed that passion he mentions, nearly demanding I find my copy and read it. SFT needs to be taught by more - way to go Kevin.