Monday, October 27, 2008


I was looking at a text, Glossary of Northamptonshire Words and Phrases; With Examples Of Their Colloquial Use, And Illus. From Various Authors: To Which Are Added, The Customs of the County, and found several words I'd never heard of or definitions that I'd never encountered.

Hurk: To take out the entrails of a hare or rabbit.
Mopuses: Money (I looked around further, I love slang for money, and found this word used in Thackeray's Vanity Fair: "You, Mark, to the old gaff's mopus box!")
Mozy: Stupified with liquor.
Prickings: The footsteps of a rabbit.
Prog-box: A school-boy's receptacle for his cake.

And, though I know this word already, it's about the most perfect definition I've ever seen:
Moo: The plaintive cry of a cow.

All of this came about because I was searching for uses of the word "Pooty" after reading the story "A Better Angel" by Chris Adrian and seeing this incredible, amazing passage:

"The angel berated me for days afterward - how mild it seems in retrospect, compared with what she dished out in later years.  "How is a seducing pooty like a grand destiny?" she kept asking me, and then she'd answer her own question, and eventually she trained me to give the right answer.  "Exactly not at all," I said."  

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