Thursday, September 4, 2008

Black Angel

Watching the 1946 movie, Black Angel, last night, it took me more than an hour to realize that I had seen it before. And I had no memory of the surprise ending. This is due to the fact that, while I lived in Florida, my apartment was across the street from the Alachua County Public Library and I checked out and watched, on average, two videos a day. I saw hundreds of movies and they all blur together, especially the film noir which had similar plots and a lot of the same actors.
Nevertheless, it's a good movie, though very different from the novel by Cornell Woolrich (an awesome short story writer) that serves as the source material. Anyway, Dan Duryea (also memorable in Criss Cross with Burt Lancaster) is great as the male lead, Marty Blair. In his other films, he is the poor man's version of Richard Widmark.
And that's the only reason I wrote this entry, to say that he is the poor man's version of Richard Widmark. Oh, and that I find Peter Lorre in Black Angel to be incredibly cool and even, hmm, sexy. Peter Lorre, the rich man's Sidney Toler.

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